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NELL’s 2015 Seasons are sponsored by Pablo Beach Insurance and Tower Hill Insurance



Fall Registration is now open

Regular registration until August 30th

NEW for Fall 2015, 4 Year Olds play free! (must be league age 4, Players born in 2012)

Register through Jevin by loging in to your Northeast LL account here. See more details on the registration page here.

Need Help Determining your Child’s League Age for the Fall Season?

Per local rules, players will be placed according to their league age in the following Spring Season.

For example, if your child was born in August 2009 and played the Spring 2015 season as a 6 year old, he/she is considered to have a “League Age” of 7 for the Fall 2015 season.

See the League Age Chart for more details and examples.


Important Dates

Onsite registration August 29th, Late registration onsite August 31st-September 3rd

Tryouts (Baseball and Softball) August 31st – September 3rd

  • Monday, Aug 31sr:             6PM-6 (approved to play up) &7 Year Olds;   7PM-8 Year Olds.
  • Tuesday, Sep 1st:                6PM-9 Year Olds;                                                       7PM-10 Year Olds
  • Wednesday, Sep 2nd:        6PM-11 Year Olds;                                                     7PM Make Ups
  • Thursday, Sep 3rd:            6PM-12 Year Olds;                                                      7PM Major??s Draft

Draft: September 3rd – September 5th  (subject to change for interlocking teams)

Practices Begin:  September 8th (subject to change for interlocking teams)

AMP Pro Training

We have partnered with AMP Pro Training to train our coaches.  Fall focusses on the development.  Your players will get drilled and skilled, and so will our coaches! Active and former professional players for the Yankees and Rays, as well as a former college softball player, will be giving a clinic and working directly with each team (even Tee Ball)! Check out their website,  You might recognize the first picture on their home page: our coaches clinic at Shorey last spring!  Graduates of their coaching program have had a lot of success, including a team that is one game away from the Little League FL State Championship.




League Login (click link to get to NELL SYSTEM)

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Why NELL? It really is simple…  Little League

Our league is about service, player development and family. What is more wholesome than Little League Baseball and Softball? Our cause is to have a part in creating quality young men and women while developing great game skills. Come join the history at NELL, it is our time to share the values we learned along the way.

So, Get active at NELL Now!

The Little League Pledge

(A tradition since 1955 –click here to learn about the impressive history!)

I trust in God
I love my country
And will respect its laws
I will play fair
And strive to win
But win or lose
I will always do my best

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